Andrea Evangelou, born in 1991. Lives and works in Limassol, Cyprus


2014 Visual Arts, Libera Accademia di Belle Arti, Florence, Italy
2010 Accademia del Giglio, Florence, Italy


Curatorial Leaders in Contemporary Art Vol. 2 - Capsules Book
Studio Image Project - Friend of The Artist Book


2019 25/25 Artists & Designers in Dialogue, Thessaloniki, Greece
2019 CheapArt, Athens, Greece
2018 Small woders, Limassol, Cyprus
2018 TIF Helexpo, Thessaloniki, Greece
2018 CheapArt, Limassol, Cyprus
2017 Sun. Sea. Sand. - Limassol, Cyprus
2016 The Coffee Art Project, New York, United States
2015 ARTmART - Künstlerhaus - Vienna Art Week, Vienna, Austria
2015 Cultural Heritage of Cyprus, Limassol, Cyprus
2015 Festival della Cultura Italiana in Repubblica Ceca, Florence, Italy
2015 CheapArt, Nicosia/Limassol, Cyprus
2015 Art Without Borders, Nicosia, Cyprus
2014 Telemachos Kanthos 3rd Visual Arts contest, Nicosia, Cyprus
2013 Not Ordinary = Extraordinary 2nd ed., Florence Design Week 2013, Florence, Italy
2013 Corrispondere, Empoli, Italy
2012 Magari Si Multi – Mixmedia Project in collaboration with Fabio Cresci and Pedro Riz a Porta, Florence, Italy
2011 Soul Discovery, Limassol, Cyprus
2011 Tutto, Florence, Italy
2011 V Concorso artistico Svelare San Casciano dei Bagni ed il suo Territorio, San Casciano, Italy
2011 naturaLmente, Albino, Italy
2010 Welt der Traumen, Berlin, Germany
2008 GCE Art High Achiever Awards, Limassol, Cyprus
2004 Andrea Evangelou - Yuri Vedekhin, Limassol, Cyprus


2014 Telemachos Kanthos 3rd Visual Arts contest
2011 V Concorso artistico Svelare San Casciano dei Bagni ed il suo Territorio


2014 Cammino, Limassol, Cyprus
2013 Uscire senza uscire, Florence, Italy
2012 Con gli altri quattro sensi, London, United Kingdom