Cyprus, 2014

After a long effort, you find yourself in front of the simplicity and grandeur of nature, the face of nature without end. This is clearly seen through the aerial perspective. You feel the power and inner strength, the possibility that there is something different than what you're seeing, and this “something” is everything there is in ourselves beyond of what you have in front of you. In both occasions, in contrast to the rocky earth, nature is represented quiet and calm through the transparent colours.

Uscire senza Uscire

Italy, 2013

The idea of this study is the internal chaos that every contemporary individual carries within himself. In fact, everyone talks about this "chaos" and it is something we all experience, even if we are not aware of it. It's not a conscious thing. The "chaos" I am talking about is not literally the objective chaos that exists around us, but the metaphorical chaos, the internal chaos, the one that all of us, others more and others less, carry inside. Things from the past that we want or we have to forget, things of the future which it would be better not to think about, situations, thoughts, social issues and more. The problem, “chaos”, does not exist in the physical world: so, when we try to solve it, we can not do it physically (“get away” from a place), but only by using our internal force and concentration. We have to use ourselves, our soul, mind and all that is within us to get out. To escape without escaping.