I have always been attracted to the dangers that lie outside an artist’s “comfort zone”.

As a person I like melodrama, quietness, simplicity and I’m drawn into dramatic poses and the endless aesthetic of the human body’s materiality. I tend to paint poses and faces that want to express something beyond mild emotions or story. During my painting process I try to explore every brush stroke and try to learn what painting, as an art form, is from scratch. I immerse myself in the process of discovering what paint is capable of, how it can reflect textures and the illusions it has the ability to create. When it’s time for me to let down my brushes and look back at the artwork I want the viewers satisfaction to be carried on to me, and the curiosity that created this painting to be carried off to them.

Since I have always strived to peer what is outside my “comfort zone” I have never settled down to one painting style. My portraits have become a lot more abstract since my earlier work, due to the fact that as a young artist I was always more focussed on mastering the technical aspects of the painting rather than focussing on what I would draw, its nature, its movements, its flaws etc., so by continuously challenging what my brush could do I was able to slowly move away from my own limitations.

In the process of maturing not just as an artist but as a person, I found that inspiration doesn’t appear as if it were a divine force, and it was a difficult reality to face when it came to understanding how the art-world and the “adult” world actually work. That’s when I stopped waiting for inspiration to come and began chasing it. I taught myself to find inspiration in every artist that I meet, any gallery I visit, things I look at on the internet, music, poems and contemporary art. The everyday things that surround me are what keep me going; from exploring a previous artist in detail, to studying contemporary artists’ techniques, creative processes, their patterns and their minds.

This is why I believe the art-world is so competitive, because artists will always have something new that they want to achieve and portray so hard-work is as necessary as the paint we use to create any piece of art. Which is why painting is so exciting, because if you take all of that in mind it’s almost impossible to not submerse yourself in it entirely and explore each possibility.